Junior High
4th Quarter week 6 (5/26 - 5/29) 
a. Volume of Prisms Notes 
b. Volume of Prisms Exercises 
c. Volume of Prisms worksheet 

4th Quarter week 5 (5/18 - 5/22)
a. Equations of Circles Notes
b. Equations of Circles Exercises p. 1 
c. Equations of Circles Exercises p. 2 
d. Equations of Circles Worksheet 

4th Quarter week 4 (5/11 - 5/15)
a. Angle Measure and Segment Length Notes 
b. Angle Measure and Segment Length Exercises p. 1  
c. Angle Measure and Segment Length Exercises p. 2 (regular geometry skip #25)
d. Angle Measure and Segment Length Practice (regular geometry just do evens, accelerated do all)
​                                                                                                    (everybody skip # 16)
4th Quarter week 3 (5/4 - 5/8)
a. Inscribed Angles Notes 
b. Inscribed Angles Exercises p. 1 (regular complete odds, accelerated do them all) 
c. Inscribed Angles Exercises p. 2 (regular complete odds, accelerated do them all) 
d. Inscribed Angles wkst 

4th Quarter week 2 (4/27 - 5/1)
a. Arcs and Chords Notes
b. Arcs and Chords Exercises (regular geometry skip #19)
c. Arcs and Chords wkst (regular geometry skip #8) You need trigonometry and pythagorean theorem

4th Quarter week 1 (4/20 - 4/24)
a. Tangent Lines Notes
b. Tangent Lines Exercises (regular geometry do odds [skip 21], accelerated do them all)
c. Tangent Lines wkst (regular geometry skip [4 - 6])